1 Reason Why I Love Minecraft

“We have to be responsible for what we do.” This was written by a student in response to some griefing going on in our world of the Pepperdine server.

Another student: “I Think that Respect is the most important core value for Minecraft. I think Minecraft is a way to show your feelings and talent. It is a lot like an art show. Some people like some designs or types of creations, others may not. If everybody just respects and accepts the buildings made by each other, we can have fun and be a caring community on Minecraft.”

Another: “We have to respect each other’s creations, and before you destroy someone else’s masterpiece, ask them because they probably worked very hard to make it.”

An explanation of griefing from one student to another: “Greifing is when a player destroys another players creation or building to either get the resources or simply destroys them to annoy the other player. Greifing also involves placing random blocks in or around a creation of another player. It is cowardly and is ban-able on most servers.”

“Cowardly.” This is brilliant.

Here is another student’s admission and apology: “If anyone had one piece of wheat taken from their farm, I think that might have been me. I was going from spawn to me house and the computer started to lag so I accidentally destroyed one block of wheat. It dropped one piece of wheat so if this was you and you want it back, tell me and i’ll return it. Thanks and sorry. I doubt that one piece of wheat made much of a difference to the farm, but i would like to return it anyways.”

Thinking and writing about what it means to work together and be in a community because of Minecraft? Obviously lessons that apply outside of the game.


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