Kids Teaching Adults Minecraft

Another reason why I love Minecraft.

Today my students became teachers and met their students in person. Seventeen adult graduate students from Pepperdine University visited my Minecraft Exploratory. I was excited for their visit, but the results were beyond my expectations. Lindax delivered the first challenge for our league: Underwater Mine Rescue (to be described in a future post). The level of engagement of the kids and the adults is obvious from the pictures and videos below. One graduate student expressed her doubts about Minecraft, but since meeting the kids had a complete turnaround. Person to person interaction is still important.

The world may be flat, but it’s also upside down.  Below, kids teaching adults.
Teachers would be better teachers if they let the students be the teachers.

 Minecraft brings kids and adults together in a collaborative learning space.

There are three schools in the Minecraft League. Several of the graduate students above have been assigned to each school to learn from the kids and observe how the game works. I suppose they will do some writing about their observations. The first challenge will begin in a couple of weeks. The name: Underwater Mine Rescue. Check back here to learn more about the challenge and the kids progress.


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