Minecraft Challenge League Welcome Letter

Welcome to Minecraft Challenge League (MCL)

Lindax, League Commissioner
doc. ver. 0.9

This living document contains some useful information about how the server has been set up and what’s available to you. It will change as needed. If you are a student with questions or comments, please take them to your teacher first, unless you’re stuck or need help badly while you’re in the game. If we’re online we’re happy to help. Your Pepperdine University team includes:
Linda Polin → Lindax
James Rhoads → jbrhoads
Andrea Shea → Andreashea

Plain Vanilla
This server is set up as a mostly plain vanilla server. Yes, we have a few mods installed, but those are for administrative routines, like creating groups and protecting regions. We think it’s great to mine AND craft, not just get everything you need without even having to find and construct it. After all, it’s not called Craft. It’s called Minecraft.

Server Regions
Every school has its own protected region made up of several biomes. This is your zone, run by your school. Only people registered with us through your teacher can build and modify things in your region. There are, so far, four schools on the server; thus there is a Brentwood region, a Campbell region, a da Vinci region, and a Pepperdine region. There is also a Commons. And, of course, the rest of the world is open, and uh, full of monsters . . and the good stuff they drop when they are slain.

Monsters (see the wiki entry) are turned OFF in the school regions, except for Pepperdine’s school region. Our graduate students will have to contend with monsters. If you leave your school region, realize you will likely encounter monsters elsewhere on the server. We’re fine with it, but be sure your teacher is. And maybe… bring a sword or a friend.

Teleportation Stations
In each region there is a teleportation station that will allow you to teleport or apparate to the Commons. All stations have the same appearance, which includes a large lava signal tower that should make it easy to find the station in the dark or from a distance.

In the Commons area there is a multi-arch teleportation station that allows you to return to your home region from the Commons area. As you might have guessed from the description of the regions, you can certainly visit other school regions, but you may not build, modify, or destroy things there. We’re serious about that. No griefing.
Teleportation Station in the Commons:

The MCL Commons
A commons is an old idea from history. It refers to a shared area or shared resources for the entire community. In our case these are crafting resources, intended to help players become slicker and quicker at their practice. We have placed, and will continue to place, constructions that you are invited to inspect, reverse-engineer, or deconstruct, to help figure out how to build or use specially built things.

The MCL Guild Page
The Minecraft Challenge League has a guild page on the web that supports conversation and sharing of experiences, ideas, and images. The url is, www.redstonelabs.enjin.com. You will need to apply to join the group in order to post and access pages there. Your teacher must approve your application. The forums on the site are a great place to ask questions and get and give help.

The MCL Wiki
Yes, we know there’s a really good Minecraft wiki. But even though it’s a really good wiki, it isn’t always the most helpful reference. Sometimes it just tells you information without really explaining how things work or what they’re good for. MCL wiki to the rescue! We hope that the MCL wiki will be more useful because it is focused on YOU and what you’re doing or trying to do. MCL wiki is open to our league members only. We hope you’ll not just be a reader but a writer as well. Don’t feel like you have to post there. It’s merely an opportunity for you if you wish to pursue it. We’ll also be adding content. MCL Wiki

What is Redstone Labs?
Glad you asked. As some of you know, and all of you will come to know, Minecraft has some cool tools and capabilities buried inside it. Redstone is one such tool. It can be used as wiring to carry electrical charges to other objects, such as pistons, trap doors, minecarts, buttons, levers, and more. We hope to get everyone up to redstone construction with our challenges. Redstone Labs

Besides, doesn’t Redstone Labs just sound cool and edgy? All leagues fighting for the common good and social justice need a laboratory for their creative work! And of course the Minecraft Challenge League is one such league. But, hmm, we need a logo. Someone should get on that.

Again, welcome to the league. Let’s get started.


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