Orienteering Quest 1

Purpose: For each team of five miners to use a compass and/or coordinates to find their hidden treasure and return to the spawn point, safe and sound.

Procedure: Teams will spawn at the top of the tower shown in the photo above. They will be assigned a direction North, South, East or West to go and search for their treasure.

Once they get to the coordinates, there are clues nearby to point them in the proper direction of the treasure. The four treasures in each direction include diamond pick axes, diamond swords, diamond helmets and diamond chest plate. Once the treasure is found each team member carries or wears their treasure as they trek back to the spawning point. The entire team must take a screenshot together wearing their treasure before they head back to the spawning site. They will email me the picture and I will post it on our Schoology web site. Finally, the team that takes a second screen shot at the top of the tower at the spawn site and emails it to me will win the game. This will be done in survival mode. Voxelmod was used to prevent mining of the spawning site. Once beyond the boundaries of the spawning site, the team members are free to do what they need to in order to survive. PVP, lava, TNT, water and dragon eggs have all been disabled.

Results: Stay tuned…

p.s. This is our first Exploratory on our new Zombie server purchased from Beastnode. Stay tuned for a formal birth announcement.




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