Orienteering Quest 1 Results


So after hours of building up the spawning tower and protecting it with the plugin WorldGuard, the hour had come. The kids filed in and the whitelisting began.

They jumped on the server and the noise level began to rise. A good sign. There they were, all moving about with their user names floating over heads. It was cool to see.

Then the noise level rose higher and laughter ensued. Something seemed wrong. Someone had escaped. “How could this be? It was protected!” But the protection wasn’t working and the kids were mining the floor and falling through. Oh no! The room became suddenly warm and I began to perspire. All my work being destroyed.

My student assistant turned the spawn platform into a bedrock chamber and he began to teleport the students back to the chamber. But they continued to escape. A new kind of challenge, one not planned, revealed itself. Kids were fist bumping, laughing, exulting with each other when they escaped and teleported each other out of the “protected” spawn area. Some were upset that their classmates were griefing and they began trying to police each other.

I relaxed and watched it happen. It actually turned out to be pretty cool. Some fixes will be in order for next time.



2 thoughts on “Orienteering Quest 1 Results

  1. I want to do this! Sounds cool, I can totally see my students escaping, big time, but what engagement. Where do I start? I have Minecraft at home and mostly watch over my son’s shoulder. Is there a step by step somewhere on the web?

  2. Trill,
    The potential is so great. I am going to try again next week. My recommendation would be to start learning from your son. Have him create a world for you to learn how to play and have him teach you. Once you get it down, I would gauge interest at school. Then, go to http://www.minecraftedu.com. They can help you get up an running in the least complicated way possible. They have what is called a mod that is for teachers. There are also some great instructional videos published by MinecraftEdu Elfie. I have both of these links on my home blog page. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions. Also, it would be cool if you followed my blog. Thanks so much for your interest. Were you in 3D GameLab? Your name, Trill, sounds familiar.

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