Robopocalypse Book Report

This is Spencer’s 8th grade English free reading book report. The students could do the report in any form they wished. Spencer chose Minecraft. This is the first book report of its kind at Brentwood School.


2 thoughts on “Robopocalypse Book Report

  1. I really like this creative expression using the game to recreate a scene from a book, explaining what the book is about, the back story and then explaining the scene itself. A fantastic use of Minecraft in a school setting. I take it this student initiated this after being in your Exploratory class, and ran it by his English teacher to confirm it was ok.

    I am hoping my students will begin to do this next year and ‘spread’ Minecraft outward from just my class to other areas and classes within the school. Congratulations.

    • Thank you for your comment. I am this boy’s science teacher and while he is not in my Exploratory class, he has heard me talk a lot about Minecraft lately. He did approach me and ask me what I thought about him asking his English teacher if he could do this project in Minecraft. Of course, I gave him the green light. I am hoping for more of the same from other students. I think it will catch on. Cheers.

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