Eaglecraft Community Code of Conduct

Today was the first day with my new Exploratory group on our Eaglecraft server. I tried unsuccessfully to get them to create a mission statement for our server, but they were just not interested. Then I thought about shutting down the server until they created the document. Then I just decided to do it myself. I would be very interested in anyone else’s thoughts about my process and/or my document. Thanks in advance.

Eaglecraft Community Code of Conduct

Eaglecraft is a Minecraft Server run by Middle Division students at Brentwood School. The purpose of this server is for students to have a safe place to play, build and collaborate in Minecraft. Responsible members of this server will respect each other and the rules of the server. Once whitelisted, you become a member of the Eaglecraft community. This means that you agree to:

  • Respect other players, their belongings, their skins and their builds. This means no raiding or griefing.
  • Not to use hacks to cheat the game or other players.
  • Not to use bad language or hurtful words while chatting or on signs.
  • Not to tease any one based on their appearance in game or how they play.

If a player chooses not to abide by the rules then he or she will be choosing suspension from the server. Abiding by these rules will ensure that all members of the Eaglecraft community feel included and safe to explore the world of Minecraft.



3 thoughts on “Eaglecraft Community Code of Conduct

  1. I have been dieing to hear how your exploratory was going, but didn’t want to harass you for an update, so YAY!

    Code of conduct ooks good to me. I find it interesting that they did not want to be involved in the creation of the server ‘rules’ on the server that they are running. Is this going to be open to the public or only students at your school?

    If it is open to others, then the students running it really need to be clear on the rules and expectations and be willing to enforce them, without prejudice, that in itself is going to be a great learning experience for them.

    I really like the choice of words in your code of conduct, implying that everything is ‘their’ choice, brilliant work there. Keep us updated.

    • Stephen,
      Thanks for your comment and ideas. The server will only be for Brentwood School students, a safe place for them to play, build and collaborate. The kids are sorting out whether they are going to allow any kids to be ops in game. I am letting them figure this one out and hopefully they will come to some agreement. Will talk and collaborate again soon. Have not done much on Edu lately, but still have girls coming in at lunch to learn how to play in the tutorial world. That is working well. Cheers.

  2. Ah middle school…so hard to box them in. I do think they should be involved in making their general policies, with some adult supervision. You let them off the hook to easily. OTOH, I’m not sure shutting down the server would have worked as it smacks of parental control, which is an absolute red flag to that age group. I assume you have “god powers” on the server and could possible restrict their movement or prohibit building until the code is established. Something like that is more the way I’d go. IMHO, of course.

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