What Did I Do Wrong?

Exploratory Fair

Maybe the picture says it all. Today we had our Exploratory fair for students to sign up for second semester Exploratory class. After being the first to fill up in the fall, I was expecting another full class. I made an announcement that there were spots for 10 boys and 10 girls. No eruption of excitement like last time. Hmm. This is different. I think you can see where this is going. When it was all over, only 6 boys had signed up. What did I do wrong? The good news: these boys know the game and have started their own servers. Maybe it is an opportunity for me to really learn from them and for us to do some incredible creating together instead of simply playing the game. My sails are luffing a bit, but when life gives you lemons….



One thought on “What Did I Do Wrong?

  1. Don’t get too down, students are fickle creatures. Think of this as an opportunity to build on your knowledge of the game. Have you thought of setting them a goal of ‘finishing’ the game, or collecting one of each kind of block.

    You could also work on a custom map like ‘survival island’ or even something like Vech’s Super Hostile Series or maybe even Zisteau’s Globule #1 if you want to build on team work skills and the like. I am sure the kids would get into that.

    I am not sure what other advice to offer, or even if the advice I have offered so far is useful. As always keep it up, the kids will come back soon.

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