Explore the Depths of a Painting in Minecraft

I am remiss. Presently, interest in Minecraft at my school has waned a bit as of late. This year, my Minecraft Exploratory has been replaced with Messing Around in the Maker Space and the kids are using the 3D printer and making stuff with their hands. Also, my time has been pulled in many other directions and I simply have not had the time to play, explore and design lessons.

This may have all just changed.

Yesterday a friend of mine, extraordinarily interested in art, sent me an article that the more I think about, the more it blows my mind. The Tate Museum has created 3D worlds in Minecraft based on famous pieces in it’s art collection. This is a truly awesome idea in every sense of the word, an absolutely wonderful amalgamation of art, gaming, computer science, and history. I’m going to share this with my students and see them back in time.

Read for yourself.

Tate creates Minecraft worlds based on paintings and sculptures in the collection



3 thoughts on “Explore the Depths of a Painting in Minecraft

  1. Glad your enjoying the maps – We are hard at work making the next 6 artwork maps for Tate and are very excited to share them with the world – if you have any questions or it inspire your own art recreations do let me know!

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