Opportunity Clicks: STEAM Through Minecraft, Teacher Wanted

As a new school year ramps up, I have been preparing for my usual eighth grade physical science course. In addition, I am teaching the first ever robotics elective course at Brentwood School. My plate is full, and that is why I am passing the following email on to the Minecraft community. I believe it is indicative of the present paradigm shift in education away from “stand and deliver” instruction towards more technological and experiential instruction. My question: why not take an environment that kids absolutely love playing in and use it to create learning about the world they are living in? I can’t think of reason. The email: Minecraft teacher wanted “to engage [kids] in topics of geometry, biology, physics, architecture, etc.” Hmm, I think Minecraft would work for that.

MINECRAFT TEACHER WANTED- Ojai/Ventura/Santa Barbara area

I’m looking to hire a Minecraft / Maker Teacher for a group of middle school homeschoolers in Ojai, CA. We are a small group of homeschoolers looking to create a “real-time” group to explore engaging curriculum through the use of Minecraft and other technologies. We are not looking for someone to teach how to use Minecraft, but rather, to engage the students in topics of geometry, biology, physics, architecture, etc. through the use of and in the world of Minecraft. 
Read Bob Kahn’s blog for an idea of the type of projects that have inspired us! http://www.middleschoolminecraft.com/
  • Classes will be designed to meet our collective schedules.
  • Classes could be week-long intensives, weekend workshops, or weekly sessions.
  • In person and real-time preferred but could be virtual.
  • Meeting location negotiable.
  • Hourly or project rate to be determined based on qualifications and schedule.
  • Temporary Room and Board in Ojai available if classes are held on weekends.
  • Teaching experience a plus.
  • Experience with homeschoolers and/or alternative styles of education a plus!
Feel free to contact Leslie Davis if interested in this opportunity.

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