Minecraft and other virtual worlds can be feasts for the eyes and ears. In addition, these worlds can evoke deep emotional responses, inspire creativity and create lasting memories. Nevertheless, there are some senses that virtual worlds cannot stimulate:

  • The feeling of the crisp, cold mountain air in the morning.
  • The heat of the first rays of sun hitting your campsite.
  • The butterscotch smell of the bark of a Jeffrey Pine Tree.
  • The feeling of the cold river water engulfing you as you jump in a pool.
  • The smell and taste of coffee in the morning and s’mores around the campfire in the evening.
  • The tug on the fishing rod and the taste of fresh caught trout.

Can you tell where I have just came back from?

I would be dishonest if I were to say that there was not some tiny bit in my brain concerned about spending too much time in virtual worlds.


That’s what’s needed, I believe. In a time when virtual worlds are so accessible, I hope to impress upon my students how important it is to get outdoors. Whether it be going on a hike, riding a bicycle, diving through the waves at the beach or smelling the bark of a Jeffrey Pine.

One can’t live on Minecraft alone. It is vitally important to feel the elements on one’s face.


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