“Don’t Tease Me Because of My Skin”

The Eaglecraft server’s wings were clipped on Monday because members of the new Exploratory were clashing with members of the previous group. In a nut shell, players were griefing each other and stealing from each other’s chests, and then it got ugly when someone created some bad signage with inappropriate language. Off it went until this was sorted out. So we had a meeting today at lunch for all those students interested in continuing to play on the server. If the didn’t come to the meeting, they would not be playing any more. The meeting was very productive but two comments stuck out in my mind.

1st. One student expressed concern that if we simply played the game as it was meant to be played, pvp in survival, that it would just become like Animal Farm (seventh graders are reading in English) as they collected too much power. A connection to curriculum, cool!

2nd. Another student asked that there be something in the Code of Conduct about not teasing because of the skin he had chosen. Wow! How fitting after having a very effective and accessible first Black History Month Assembly. “Don’t tease me outside of the game because of the skin I chose.” So interesting; and here he gets to choose his skin. In the real world…


5 thoughts on ““Don’t Tease Me Because of My Skin”

  1. Wow, thanks for the update, interesting that the clash occurred so quickly. What are your thoughts on addressing the first comment, are you going to set up a role play? I was going to start a role play with my lunchtime sessions this year, but I need to run it by the students first as there would have to be ‘rules’ that would limit their ability to be autonomous in the game.

    Also the second comment, what a great way to start a discussion about respecting others’ choices. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hmm. Well, I”m a sucker for authenticity. Why not create an in-world space for holding sessions and resolving problems and issues such as this one. Not a Roman forum or a Supreme Court, each of which has some interesting baggage, I’m thinking for just a dedicated community space for meeting and discussing in a participatory democracy. And let the ‘citizens’ of Eaglecraft build it…together. Just a thought

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