Sometimes Things Don’t Go So Well…

So today’s Exploratory was a bit hectic and there was some griefing going on. Griefing, I learned, is when someone destroys something that someone else built. This generated some tension among the students. We stopped early and had a pow wow to discuss ideas of what they would like to accomplish. Many ideas involved developing communities (including an IConomy) of some sort or another and then going to war. Hmmm. How can I steer them away from this or do I just let that happen? Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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  1. I’ve been following this with interest. I’m a tech coordinator at an independent school, and I work with middle school students. Not to be sexist, but many MS boys seem to love the competitive aspect: killing, griefing, etc. I like the way you handled it. Giving them input and some sense of ownership is probably the best thing. Please keep posting! I teach Scratch, GameMaker, and LEGO robotics, and I’m looking at using Minecraft somehow, if only in a club.

  2. Hi im also hosting a minecraft server and i came across this problem but i fixed it. Now this involves a plugin(I’m sure you know what those are) The plugin is called WorldGuard. This plugin is used to protect areas such as houses and creations so people can’t destroy your stuff . But this also helps stop other forms of griefing such as lava and fire and lava. Now the config setup for this plugin is pretty advanced so if you need any help with plugins or help just email me at I also recommend the plugin Lockette.(stop people from stealing chests and items) One more thing. I would like your server ip. Mabye I could get on and help. Thanks 🙂

  3. I would be very hesitant to allow the students to ‘go to war’ as then you have ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ and what is the educational value there? I watched paulsoaresjr early on in his minecraftdad series on youtube build a ‘church’ that he and his children would go to at night and protect it from the monsters, perhaps this is an option to prevent the war.

    The Edu mod could also allow you to ‘protect’ student builds, but it will have is drawbacks, let me know if you want more info. I have no idea how iconomy works, I have been playing SMP for a while but never got into the modding side until the Edu mod came out, but it is something I am interested in for the lunchtime survival world I run with interested students. I also suffer from students ‘stealing’ from chests and breaking other students houses, I am not sure how to prevent this yet, I am going to talk to devs of Edu and see if they will add a protected chest option to the server tool.

  4. Ok so I see what your main problem is stealing and griefing. Now the stealing part is very easy to stop. All you need to do is download the plugin Lockette or if you dont have a bukkit server. have them hude thier chests under ground or in walls. if any other problems contact me at

  5. Been following your blog – it’s great.

    I noticed with my son and his friends they usually lay down the ground rules before they start their next “build” and they use a plugin that protects those builds. Otherwise you can spend hours/days building something and then poof – it’s gone. Good luck Bob! Onward!

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