4 thoughts on “Conferences

  1. Go Bob! It’s so exciting to see you sharing the work that you and your students are doing together. Your evolution as a teacher gives me a lot of hope for our educational system.

    The focus on “building” is right on target. This is what initially pulled me into virtual world building. Someday I need to get more into Minecraft. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow, this is amazing. I went to Minecon 2011 and failed to attend or even hear about this panel (I was only there for the second day because I had school). Before I had seen this, I was thinking about hosting a panel of the same topic in Minecon 2012, because I have founded a whole Minecraft class at my school. I hope to get more involved in Minecraft at school as I have a good chance of going to Brentwood for high school next year!

  3. A student – Mango Tango has created Middle School Minecraft roleplay- like making an original movies with many kids as actors- very powerful tool to attract > 70K subscribers & >5 Million views in 2 months. Hope some of your kids like to act together in his roleplay. Mango has also inspired many of us (kids) to do good in math and create our own minecraft channels

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