Eaglecraft Code

Eaglecraft Community Code of Conduct                                                                        (A document in progress; do you have any suggestions?)

Eaglecraft is a Minecraft Server run by Middle Division students at Brentwood School. The purpose of this server is for students to have a safe place to play, build and collaborate in Minecraft. Responsible members of this server will respect each other and the rules of the server. Once whitelisted, you become a member of the Eaglecraft community. This means that you agree to:

  1. Respect every players’ builds, ideas, appearance in game, and how they play.
  2. Use appropriate language and encouraging words. That is, not to use bad language or hurtful words while chatting or on signs.
  3. Play honestly, without hacks, cheating the game or other players

In short, respect other players, their belongings, their skins and their builds. Just like you would in the real world.

In addition, as members of the Eaglecraft community, you agree to help other members that are less experienced and have questions about how to play in Minecraft.

If a player chooses not to abide by the rules then he or she will be choosing suspension from the server. Abiding by these rules will ensure that all members of the Eaglecraft community feel included and safe to explore and play together in the world of Minecraft.


10 thoughts on “Eaglecraft Code

  1. Is this a server open to the public or closed? I have been playing back in Alpha and would love to help seeing as how I am a high school student and love meeting minecrafters my age and younger.


  2. hello, just wondering, do u guys have a way to open up an minecraft site to download a cracked version of minecraft? and is it up to date? I actually attend a high school, but if you guys can help me out, I would be utterly grateful and I wouldn’t mind helping out some of you guys, who are novices to this, out on how things work in the game, or starter kits to help you kick it into high gear. thanks a bunch and ill be happy to participate in any and all activities when i could make the time! ^.^ also, u can get in contact with me to my personal e-mail at keoni.gumataotao@gmail.com thank you, have a great day!

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