5 thoughts on “Spencer’s Lighthouse

  1. Wow, that is a great piece of work, there is a lot of learning involved in getting something like that working as well as he did. Is this on your server, or has he joined a different server?

  2. Yes, I am on his server some of the time. However, because of my being on the debate team, I am not able to be a part of the mine craft exploratory.

  3. Great use of redstone, excellent work figuring out the timing and the demo video was well done. Do light blocks emit light though other blocks or would there be a way to cap the glowstone and make the glowstone raise two blocks and only emit light when exposed?

    • Theoretically- yes
      Reality- no

      Let me explain. Yes, there is a way to shut off and on glowstone, but it requires redstone. Because of my condensed design, there is no room for the redstone to reside and therefore not possible. I thought about using my torches for a vertical power, but how to switch it on once the piston is extended? I have some ideas on how to conquer this problem, but for now, I have not found a way without disrupting the outside appearance of a lighthouse.

      • Actually, with the new update 1.2, there is a block that can be controlled by redstone, ideally a “toggle-able” glowstone. With that in mind, one could hide a constant inside the lighthouse, which (using repeaters) powers the blocks that come into contact with the toggled glowstone only when the glowstone is exposed. Therefore, when the glowstone is raised, it touches an energized block, which in turn lights the glowstone. When the glowstone block is lowered, power is removed from it, which turns the glowstone off.

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